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Kosen Grappling

Australia is the official home of the National Kosen Grappling circuit.Kosen First officially revived in February 2008 NSW,Wollongong South Coast,forming Kosen Grappling Australian,then Illawarra kosen association.© Mick Cutajar 2007 .
Australia is the official home of a National Kosen circuit.First organized by National champion x4 times & IBF coach mick cutajar is the main reason judo newaza/grappling/kosen grappling has rekindled many conversations on many talk forums.
The rules were modified to agree with today's ever changing grappling ground game,to keep it fun,fast,easy to understand and most importantly adjustable for all code who want to take part.Although some athletes disagree on the name,some of the rules and sadly some oppose of it altogether,.....however it was agreed majority rules.

#Educate others on the newaza side of judo but not limited to.
#Create a ground game that is easy,fun and not discriminate
#Create healthy competition that has a history with very strong ground roots(BJJ is not the only ground game)
#Increase membership for judo schools around the world
#Create another method for retired judo players to become involved in their sport with out the knocks.
#Draw interest....(mission accomplished!!)

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