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Kosen Grappling

Kosen Grappling / submission style
Kosen grappling under judo is what was first described as the strongest fighting art in the world from 1914 through to 1940’s it has made a strong come back due to the UFC MMA styles events.In the modified Kosen competition,there are not many restrictions on practicing "Newaza" (ground work). Kosen Judo is “not judo one-sided” so that grappling & Jujutsu codes are able to compete without the restriction of knowledge or fear of been thrown for ippon (win), with an emphasis on Hikikomi-or pulling your opponent to the ground then submitting them. Ne-waza is used by all grappling codes and some stand up styles, of course safety is first,this is a fast method of grappling that I hope you embrace and try.

Kyoto University Judo Club was founded by Mr. HIROSE Etsutaro in Meiji 33 (1900).In those days there was Butokukai (the Martial Arts Association) in Kyoto. Mr. KOJIMA Tomojiro was a student of Kyoto University as well as associate professor of Butokukai and Budo Senmon Gakko (abbreviated as Busen, Budo College). Dojo of Kyoto University was so sophisticated that it was filled with many students of Kyoto University and Butokukai.

Kosen Judo has only continued in a few places.One example is Hirata Kanae's dojo is in Japan. He died in 1998, but the dojo still continues. Then there is Brazil, which started with Maeda.
Mitsuyo Maeda who began training in Judo in 1897,and became one of the troublesome Kosen Judoksa who was sent abroad with Tsunejiro Tomita. Traveling in the US,Maeda outshone his senior Tomita,defeating wrestlers and fighters that had beaten Tomita.Tomita and Maeda went their separate ways - with Maeda going onto the early fighting circuit for money. He even traveled to Europe where he lost the only two matches of his life against a Catch Wrestler.He spent extra time with the wrestler learning some of those techniques

Finally in 1915 Maeda settled in Brazil where he taught Carlos Gracie, the son of a local politician.Carlos Gracie and his brothers adopted the Kosen Judo techniques and developed them further during the 20th century into what came to be known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu .

Kosen Judo is still taught at 5 universities in Japan, but especially in Kyoto (where the author has trained in Kosen Judo)A Judo or jujutsu practitioner would see the training simply as Judo,with an emphasis on Hikikomi - or pulling your opponent to the ground.
Judo, or the "Gentle Way" is an art that was created by Jigoro Kano in the 19th century,based upon classical styles of Jujutsu (see Jujutsu). Judo relies primarily upon throws and a unique form of ground wrestling which includes joint locks, chokes and pins. Judo, or Kodokan Judo - its full name - is the national sport of Japan, and is one of the most practiced martial arts worldwide.
the only martial art to be accepted and recognized in both the disabled and abled body Olympic games

Those groups interested in hosting any Kosen events can do so by paying an affiliation fee to the KJA which will cover you for insurance or you can join the JFA and compete in several of the recogonised event without any worries.We are trying to stop the backyard groups causing long term damage to the sport. We have an online knowledge test for those wanting to host,judge or score in kosen grappling events,this is used as a basic way to show you understand the guidelines for the safety of the player and you as the judge. You will need to view the kosen matches, have a first aid manual, download a draw sheet and view the rules and hosting of event.
To view the guidelines for a safe Kosen event please download the attached.
please down load the attached

Updated kosen rules and entry form 2010

Want to host a contest?

example of kosen draw sheet
For the history Buff's

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