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Photos from South Coast MMA cage fight.
Please click on the link below for the latest in the MMA photos, including September 25th 2010 and April 16th 2010
To place order please email the Following order form Details to southcoastmma@hotmail.com or joe@joesphotographics.com.au. We will then contact you to confirm order and arrange Payment Via Credit Card.

Orders can be mailed out for $5.00 or you can collect orders from Cuttas submission fighting Gym Wollongong. You can also print this form and post a cheque made out to (Wollongong judo) PO BOX 501 Wollongong 2520.

Please make sure you add your address on the PayPal section to make sure we can deliver your photos. full details are required.

simple steps
step1: view your photos,make note of their number.
step2: complete your order form by placing your details and the number of photos and their ID number.
step3: complete your payment on PayPal once this has been approved PayPal will give you a reference number,you must place this number on the order form.

NOTE:ONLY USE OUR SOUTH COAST OFFICIAL ORDER FORM,no other form will be accepted Please click here to down load order form

Please make sure you place your paypal reference /receipt number on your form

SPECIAL Fighters get one(8x6)FREE photo just place the number on the order sheet.Also spend over $250 you get a FREE 12x18 poster size

Photo's from September 25, 2010 MMA Caged Fight Night

Photos from April 16th MMA caged fight night

Photos from November 27th 2009 mma show
AUD $ Qty
Please don't forget to Add special instructions (such as address,phone number if applicable,your address & must have a phone number)to merchant request so we can send your ticket.

Print Sizes         Cost Per Print
6" x 4"                 $5.00
5" x 7"                 $8.00
6" x 8"                 $9.00
8" x 12"                 $20.00
12" x 18"                 $35.00
4 x Wallets             $8.00

Formal Package            $95.00
Includes 8 of 6"x 4",4 of 6"x 8",2 of 8"x 12",1x Calendar and 2x Wallets

DVD                     $35
Mailing includes packaging $5.00

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