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Australian MMA Association

Australian Mixed Martial Arts Association
The Australian M.M.A Association was formed in 2007 to offer athletes from all martial arts code the chance to compete on an equal level without discrimination against their chosen code. The Australian Pangration has nothing to do with IBF as a governed body,IBf does not run or host officially recognized Pangration events under the Official world body or Oceania
For more information on becoming a member click on this link

The Australian M.M.A Association

The Australian M.M.A association was established to make sure that athletes had a clear vision of the mixed martial arts code of respect.Its official members agreed that the association should include members whom have them selves actually taken part in several codes as either a coach / trainer/official or as a contestant.

Become a member of the safest MMA Association in Australia.
Down load the affiliation membership which is renewable every 2yrs.
Po Box 501 wollongong 2520

A.M.M.A.A: has its associations such as (Kodokan Judo nsw,Australian Judo Union,South Coast MMA,international budo federation, Kosen Grappling Australia,Australian kosen Association,Illawarra Kosen Association and Australian Pangration Athilma Federation,Australian Pangration Association,Oceania Pangration Federation (APAF is the only officially recognised pangration by the world body)that have all agreed to join the A.M.M.A.A to ensure fairness and safety of all its athletes and joining association.

The A.M.M.A.A has formed a National team to manage the development of MMA within Australia and provides training and education to those whom want to be associated with Australian M.M.A Association.
The nominated persons will represent Australian M.M.A Association in a professional manner:

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