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Australian MMA Association

FEES for training in mma/pangration
Your first lesson is FREE,however for safety reasons & by law you must obtain a uniform & become a registered member of the (APAF) Australian pangration Athilma Federation,Fees and costs are listed
We are now located @ 2/116 montague street North wollongong (3rd building on left)very easy to find.
    Click to Zoom in Fees are set out below.
Must become registered member of the Australian Pangration Federation $50.

All fees are monthly

PLEASE NOTE: WE do not credit missed classes to the next training session or month,this is your responsibility to attend.NO member will be aloud to make up missed classes from a previous month.example If your on a SW package($50)and do not attend your fees are not credited to the next month,you will be required to pay month by month

Fees are set to your training attendance All students who pay $89 continuous under gold membership or Family Discount will have the option to train all judo classes.All other members will be required to upgrade their membership
$89 Gold member ongoing training,Grading:$45

$99 Silver member 6 months training.Grading: $45 sen

$109 Bronze member 3 months training.Grading: $45 sen

Family Discount (FD) Special discount offered for members who have 3 family members training in mma/pangration.A rate of,$89 for 1st person,32% off for 2nd $59.63 & 3rd member $40.55.(Conditions apply) (total $189.18 for 3 members)
Shift Worker (SW) This is for students who can only train 1 night per week due to other commitments.A rate of $50 per month. (conditions apply.You are only permitted to train 1 night per wk)

Shift Worker combined with family discount (SW & FD) This is for families who can only train 1 night per week due to other commitments.A rate of $50 for 1st person,$45 for 2nd family member $40 for the 3rd family member (Conditions apply,you are only permitted to train 1 night per wk) (total $135 for 3 members)

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