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MMA Fighting forum UFC,
This is the news section we will try to update as much as possible Last update 18/12/09.cages fight return to Wollongong mid April 2010
Wollongong will play host to its 2nd caged fights to be held at the grand old stomping ground of the Snake Pitt mid April 2010.We know cuttas suffered an accidental hit to the throat which stopped the match between cuttas and Dave,Cuttas has not ruled out a return to the cage at a later date,he feel he let the supporters down by not being able to continue???.

Cuttas has a few people he wants to square up with, we will wait and see..We will host the 2nd south coast caged fights mid April, we will also have 12 more local fighters step into the cage for another bash to claim bragging rights to say they have done MMA in a cage.

No Rules in the GONG NO:2

The seats will go fast please book in line or call the number on the poster asap.Its will be smart dress code,, "HOLLYWOOD" style if you will. there is VIP specials, Sponsors can sponsor a match.

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