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Australian MMA Association

So YOU want to learn MMA
I have had 40yrs in the martial arts world and love it,my pro record is 13 fights & 4 losses 8 wins, I was HW champion from 1999-2004, and my throws played a major role in dominating the mma world here in Australia,New Zealand ,Japan and in Greece,......so i can help you achieve your gold. Im the current Australian Pangration National coach, I hold diploma in sports coaching and degree in psychology, I can help you......fight that is. We will be offering our new web based MMA training & education,,..interested ,..keep reading
MMA home trainer Home trainer is about getting you off your butt into something new and easy to learn. Home trainer will bring the MMA right into your living room,bedroom, or the backyard. Learn the true value of MMA learn its beauty, its personality and at the same time learn to stop anti social behaviour and don't become a victim, its your right to have this knowledge its your life to enjoy .
Classes members will be able to download mma classes each week at any time for as long as they want to,there are not set times, and of course no rules.
what will I learn ,all members will learn the very best and easy to follow step by step combos from stand up to ground to counters to attacks, all lessons will be broken down in a very easy system to follow. we will have email and question page for you to ask question.

Remember plan for CDE & F,.A & B just happen learn the psychology side of the MMA game.
Warning Like any sport / art safe practice is the key we will not be responsible for any ill use of any information you have obtained from me.
COST of course there's a cost, but no-one ever fails,members will be required to pay a $2.50 lesson fee per log in, play the clip as many times as you like (you will not be able to copy the clip for obvious reason).

Members will be able to obtain a pin code which they log into each time you view the classes, once they have joined up. There is a $1 member fee and you will obtain a certificate of participation once you have reached your gold. Remember there are no grading / ranks in MMA so don't be caught out
If your interested in becoming a member of our world wide MMA home trainer send us your email, and we will get you started. contacts: australianpangration@hotmail.com or wollongongjudo@hotmail.com

Location for training in MMA & PANGRATION.is 1/73 Montague st north Wollongong nsw
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