13-Sep-2017 NSW KJA state titles
13-May-2016 2016 AKJA Nationals
30-Jul-2015 Pangration Uniforms
30-Dec-2008 Quick Fix Fitness now starting.
30-Dec-2008 UFC and bullshit forums stories
24-Mar-2008 OLYMPIC selection results


Judo Newaza - Choking out fools since 1800
Nage no kata

Katame no kata part 1

Katame no kata part 2

Katame no kata part 3

Kime no kata

Goshi jitsu kata part 1

Goshin jitsu kata part 2

Ju no kata part 1

ju no kata part 2

Ju no kata part 3

Ju no kata part 4

Ju no kata part 5

Hikomi-waza "kata"..combination of methods used to take a player off balance to the ground,very well done.

mike swain as we know him, simply great!

Cuttas magic

Human weapon
Human weapon

Human weapon leg lock
JUDO at its best

best of uchi mata:

best of seoi:

world judo ippons
Kosen judo (all ground work)

Kosen international contests

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