13-Sep-2017 NSW KJA state titles
13-May-2016 2016 AKJA Nationals
30-Jul-2015 Pangration Uniforms
30-Dec-2008 Quick Fix Fitness now starting.
30-Dec-2008 UFC and bullshit forums stories
24-Mar-2008 OLYMPIC selection results

Accredited Courses

Institute of Comabat Sports & NRL programs
This is your chance to become trained and ready to assist in the art of grappling,judo,sports coaching,NRL development and a chance to be apart of the most exciting new craze that has taken the world by storm
We now offer a wide range of online training and education in the field of sports coaching, NRL development & martial arts(kosen grappling,judo,MMA pangration).

The new e-learing is a response to a burgeoning need to provide affordable and accessible training for the booming sports industry from sports coaching to NRL development.

In today's mobile environment practitioners need fast access to online training which can be accessed at any time through the web.

From here you can enroll,obtain study materials,submit essays and examination papers, pay course fees and receive your results and lecturer
feedback at any time 24 hours per day via the web

Mick cutajar elearing college, open this link for enrollment

New NRL program flyer please down load

open RPL file

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