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Accredited Courses

VET for school students
Wollongong judo is the main south coast agency of the International College of Kenshusei,they are the RTO (6930)for endorsed training for VETS IN SCHOOLS PROGRAM specialising in Martial arts, FitnessWJC is not under the control or management of ICK.WJC is a privately owned and operated business “Kenshusei Skills for Life? is a revolutionary new school based education and training program for secondary school students.
Kenshusei Skills for Life stands to change the way we look at how education and training is delivered in schools across Australia.
The program integrates the teaching of traditional martial arts together with nationally recognized vocation and education subjects that provides credits toward the student`s year 11 and 12.
Participation in this integrated program means students are able to physically train in the martial arts whilst at the same time be trained face to face and undertake a study regime educating the student in modules such as exercise science (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics), career path development, martial arts and recreation industry, communication and personal presentation skills.

One of the most important features of this unique program is the training and education the student receives via the martial arts in relation to health and fitness, addressing issues such as obesity, eating disorders, drugs and strength and conditioning.

The qualities of goal setting and continuous improvement are encouraged throughout the length of this program. Skills are learned with the view that they will be transferable into the student`s regular curricular and non curricular activities.The martial arts is a perfect medium for trainers present all topics as it is delivered in an exciting, motivating and rewarding environment for the student.

Who are the Instructors? Instructors of the "Kenshusei Skills for Life? VET in schools program are selected from amongst Australia`s finest martial artists like Mr Mick Cutajar .Only Kenshusei nationally recognised Instructors are chosen for this project.

The following minimum standards have been set by the program developer the International College of Kenshusei.The CEO of the International College of Kenshusei, Mr.Barry Johnston say`s all instructors must;
· be well respected figures in their local community
· have a minimum of 1st degree black belt
· have a proven track record of quality training in the martial arts
· have undergone a full police check
· have met a minimum nationally recognized coaching standard by achieving Certificate IV in Sport Coaching (Martial Arts) which is the new official Government Recognised Qualification for martial artists and be recognized trainers and assessors.

Current instructors like Mr Cutajar who has undergone 30years of personal martial arts development as well as being nationally recognized martial arts coaches certified under the (AQF) Australian Qualifications Framework (the new national standard).Our instructors also hold the Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training which is the minimum national standard to train and assess students in nationally recognized courses.

For more information on how your school can benefit from the Government funding please contact
Mick 0412729930 or www.kenshusei.com.au

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