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Accredited Courses

Tactical self defence
This service is mainly aimed at people who want to work in the protective services such as security guards for clubs or pubs or personal escorts.
Tactical self defense is a basic system designed to train and educate the student in the form of close contact control and counter techniques from in front, behind or from the side.

Students will learn forms of locks not only with the use of hands but with a baton. Students will learn counter techniques with attacks from a bottle, knife or pool cue.
Easy to learn restraints that will aid in your position to remove disruptive clients from the place of employment thus reducing the chance of property being damaged.

Classes consist of learning between 12-18 techniques in the hour for 6-12 weeks or you may choose to do the training 3 times a week. At the start of every new class you will be required to go over what you did in the last class this is to reinforce memory retrieval. For more information please email me

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