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Accredited Courses

This course is perfect for all security personal, postal workers in fact any company or business that interacts with the public on a every day to day placing.
The recent changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act have imposed very stringent obligations on employers to provide not only a safe workplace for all employees but the onus to be able to demonstrate that they have taken all appropriate actions to mitigate against the risk of injury to their employees. Not to mention the cut back on leave associated with stress or injury which may have been caused from an incident.

At times employees are often faced with scenarios that call for serious tactical decisions—yet they receive little or no training in these important issues.

This Training course on offer is about learning to apply psychology to deflect an aggressor / attacker and gaining a position where restraint and confrontation can be minimised or avoided, with psychology management & restraint skills applied.

Target Areas of personal safety Problem solving with angry citizens.
Learning to manage & control conflict areas.
Identify escalating behaviours.
Avoiding injury Gain self-confidence & motivation. Reduces fear, and reduces one`s victim potential, which in turn creates a better & much safer working industry.


This course covers a range of competencies at AQF level I, II, and III, in traditional training,self management in psychology (lecture),aggression,
Intimidation,identify behavior's,first aid reports,self control principles of basic defense & testing.

COURSE COST These qualification`s are payable $200 pp for the 2day course with a statement of attainment or you can complete the 1 day revised course for $185,with a certificate of participation pending on numbers attending training.
Discounts given to large groups,Deposit of $100 pp required 3 weeks before training commence.
Payment includes New risk prevention information training.
Professional study booklet in class training.
Participation Certificate.
For more information please send a email to


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