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Accredited Courses

Wollongong judo is the main south coast agency of the Australian College of Sports Development,they are the RTO (6930)for endorsed training for sports coaching specialising in Martial arts,Fitness Certificates and general Martial arts. WJC is not under the control or management of ACSD.WJC is a privately owned and operated business.
Competency Code and Title
BSBCMN202A        Organise and complete daily work activities
SRXFAD001A         Provide first aid
SRXGCSO02A        Deal with client feedback
SRXINU001A         Develop knowledge of the sport and recreation industry
SRXOHS001B         Follow defined Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures
SRSCGP001A         Operate in accord with accepted coaching practices, styles and legal and ethical responsibilities
SRSOGP002A         Apply rules and regulations to conduct games and competitions
SRXCAI001B         Assist in preparing sport and recreation sessions for participants
SRXCAI002B         Assist in conducting sport and recreation sessions for participants
SRXCAI003B         Provide equipment for activities
SRSMAR001A        Develop knowledge of the martial arts industry
SRSMAR002A        Collect fundamental information on the philosophy and foundations of the martial arts industry.
SRSMAR003A        Collect information on the philosophy and foundations of the martial arts industry
SRSMAR004A         Teach or develop the basic skills of martial arts
SRSSPA008A         Develop and maintain volunteer participation
SRSSPA009A         Develop practices to conduct effective club management
SRSSPT001A         Implement injury prevention and apply basic sports first aid
SRXFAC002B        Maintain sport and recreation facilities
WRRF1B             Balance register/terminal
WRRF2B             Advise on products and services

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