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Accredited Courses

Wollongong judo is the main south coast agency of the Australian College of Sports Development,they are the RTO (6930)for endorsed training for sports coaching specialising in Martial arts,Fitness Certificates and general Martial arts. WJC is not under the control or management of ACSD.WJC is a privately owned and operated business.
SELECTION PROCEDURES Applicants must demonstrate the commitment and the drive necessary to be able to meet the demands of this rewarding training program.
Recognition of Current Competencies
Recognition of current competencies may be available based on skills and knowledge already acquired by the applicant through previous study or equivalent studies of a similar standard at another institution or from various work and life skills.

QUALIFICATIONS Participants will be awarded the Certificate II, III, IV or Diploma of Sport Coaching (Martial Arts) and relevant ranking with Kodokan Judo Association upon successful completion of the relevant units of competence.

WHAT WILL THE COURSE COVER? This course covers a range of competencies at AQF level II, III, IV and Diploma level in traditional Judo,Anatomy,physiology,Fitness management, strength & conditioning,biomechanics,coaching principles,first aid,sports trainer,law and business management.Page 3 has the full course outlay with codes and titles

HOW MUCH WILL THE COURSE COST? Cert 2 $1999.00. These Qualification`s are payable each week or may be paid via monthly installments per calendar month,($750 initial down payment at the start of Cert 2, BUT every new level requires an initial down payment)Conditions apply due to the length of the course for seeking cancellation of payments,that being all of outstanding balance or a % of balance due to unforeseen cancellation

payment includes:
Full time training and use of facilities
Professional study resources and classes / workshops / seminars
Belt testing fees
Uniform & recognition into the Australian Kodokan Judo Association with insurance.
(please note: Australian College of Sports Development charge a small fee to attend the work shop & seminars these fees are not included in the course cost, you will need to contact the Australian College of Sports Development for this cost PH 0354441890) Every trainer charges different,you will be happy with my fees below.(from)

Fees Cert 2 $1999, the up front fee 750, 4months installments of $312.25 per month
Cert 3 (6month)
Cert 4(8months)

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