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Accredited Courses

Wollongong judo is the main south coast agency of the Australian College of Sports Development,they are the RTO (6930)for endorsed training for sports coaching specialising in Martial arts,Fitness Certificates and general Martial arts. WJC is not under the control or management of ACSD.WJC is a privately owned and operated business.
NORMALLY The Cert 2 runs: for 16 weeks (4 months FT or 8 months PT.Twelve hrs practical & eight hr per wk home study. All your study is now on line view the web for a copy of the subjects covered, there are only 4 books to complete cert 2 and you can continue on for the cert 3,4 and diploma.

There are no pre requirements needed to complete this course

Classes: In the past students have had the option to complete the 12 hrs of practical over three 4 hr lessons. Lessons mainly run from Tuesdays Wednesday Thursday and Friday, with additional gym days if needed,
Its easy and fun and the best part is,its an Olympic sport. CENTRELINK do pay austudy.

In the past students have found friends to start the course as this makes easy fast learning, also a great way to make new friends and we can even arrange times to suit your life style, as long as you complete the required hrs per week of practical.There will be some seminars to attend once or twice during the course for students to complete this Certificate.So find some friends and start a new life of Sports Coaching that will enable you to work in the sporting industry.

EAZY PAYMENT SYSTEM NORMALLY: All payments are by debt system so you don`t have to worry about finding money each fortnight.example,Certificate 2,$1999.00,takeaway the enrollment fee $750,Balance left to pay $1249, you can extend pass the time for completing the course you can pay this off over 4months installments of $312.25 per month or upfront.conditions apply for the other course work from the college such as RPL for work completed from other courses.Conditions apply due to the length of the course for seeking cancellation of payments,that being all of outstanding balance or a % of balance due to unforeseen cancellation

SIGNING UP Once you have decided to start you will need to visit me and go over the orientation information and signed your paper work then you will be issued with a student number and course code.If you intend to apply for assistance, you must first enroll to obtain a student ID code & course codes,give them to centrelink,then you can obtain benefits to help you complete your education.

Should you wish to discuss this information more please contact me on listed information attached.

ASSISTANCE OF PAYMENTS work-skills vouchers may pay the cost if all else fails students may apply for "fee help" (type it into google).or the web site is http://www.goingtouni.gov.au/Main/FeesLoansAndScholarships/Undergraduate/FullFeesAndFEE-HELP/Default.htm

All new students can apply for assistance such as austudy, youth allowance, Abstudy.Even credit points from your net work agency just ask

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