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Judo CLUB Wollongong

Welcome to JUDO-1 newest addition. We are now offering submission grappling under kosen all ground methods,transitions combos. Trained by professional trainers please call 0412729938 for your chance to be apart of a team.

Gain confidence; improve your self-esteem, flexibility, and fitness through a total full body workout that will also teach you self-defence techniques.

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Classes will consist of circuit drills taking you to your limits,methods in strangles, locks transition, counters.You will learn correct techniques while getting a cardio work out that will tone your body.


please call 0412729938 for your chance to be apart of a team


Mondays 6.30pm to 7:25pm


Q: But I haven't exercised for ages?

A: It is always best to check with your doctor before beginning a new training program if you haven't trained for a while.

Our classes are for all levels of fitness,we recognize that everyone needs to start somewhere.You will learn correct techniques, while still working on your cardiovascular fitness.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner?

if you can drag your mate/girlfriend its easier to learn.Classes. For partnered training you will be able to experience different partners to keep your training different each time.

Q: Do I have to come to every class?

It is up to you, once a week is fine but to get the most benefit out of the training twice a week is recommended. You can build up at your own rate then you might want to try out the other classes offered at the gym.

Q:What should I wear?

There is no "special" uniform to wear, casual grappling uniform are made available for first timers FREE.For your safety please make sure you wear shoes to and from the venue,but training is performed in bear feet, so feet free from debris is appreciated by other training members.We would also like to advise that due to the specialized matting foot wear and piercings are not allowed on the mat when training at all.

Q: What training gear do I need?

you may buy uniform from $85 that last about 3-4yrs.We suggest bringing a bottle of water and a small hand towel.

Q: What will the classes be like?

You will be put through the latest fighting fit program that will not only increase your fitness levels but give you that edge for self-defense. Your training will also:

  • Have fun
  • Help you reach your targets and goals
  • Become motivated
  • Gain coordination skills
  • Introduce you to new friends

Q: Who will be my trainer?

A:The classes will be run by an accredited trainer.We suggest that you turn up 10 minutes before the class starts if you are attending your first lesson.

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