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Judo CLUB Wollongong

From Berkeley to Wollongong judo history
Wollongong judo was formed in 1992 on the beach at (oilys)when I moved out from my learning club of Berkeley Judo Club,WJC become officially recognised in 1998 with membership through the Australian Judo Federation the Australian Kodokan Association the International Budo Federation from under the Cuttas submission fighting school,first located at (oilys then North beach Wollongong,with members joining the JFA and KJA
In 1992 a few mates and I got together and started to train down the beach (Oilys),as we didnt have a club hall so training at Berkeley judo Mondays and Wednesdays then down the beach on the other days so training in sand was normal for about 4yrs. Original members were Jamie Davies,Andy Harper,Kenny and Jason Harris, Adam and Kane Weaks and of course me. without there drive I would not have continued to teach.

Members have the option of training in JUDO,JU-JITSU, PANGRATION or PERSONAL TRAINING .We are the only real martial arts school in the state that trains for the real thing with real results. Please view the below link for live footage of EXTREME No rules caged fights from mick fight history now on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ev2V5-NdjE

The numbers become too big for the beach location and we were forced to find a bigger place,from the sand to the north beach pool hall then the Polish Association thanks to the President Vick.Then the old Dance Studio in north Wollongong and now the new 550 sq mt hall (2/116 Montague st north Wollongong)that has 2 full size contest mats areas set up (2nd biggest in the state next to state sports center)plus a full size cage and bags.

CUTTAS SUBMISSION FIGHTING SCHOOL has become one of the most advanced training schools in the Illawarra if not the state for training new students from start to the elite level

The club has grown in such that players have branched out to expand their knowledge and compete in several other arts, our club is proud to have had players like Camron Nell, Scott Knight, max Lemme,Rhys whiteford,Juan Valencia, just to name a few,students like these were an honor to teach.

In the Year 2005 we decided to open up to teaching kids from the age of 5 thanks to my wifes touch, now we are expanding and looking for places to reach out to others to join our school and become apart of the Illawarra's most recognised martial arts school a community supported education that all can be proud of.

I invite you to tour the pages of this website,discover judo and the wider world of martial arts such as JuJitsu Pangration,Grappling,Mixed Martial Arts and Self defence as another journey on your road to self development and be made most welcome to visit us at the dojo any time.

Please feel free to send me information or feed back on how i can make this web a must to read every day. Mick cutajar's blogs news If you are interested in sponsoring our club or be a part of the "team Cutta" please contact us for gold-silver-bronze contracts,
Mick Cutajars web page is opened by 100s of people each day

BLOG NEWS Is events happening with Mick and clients & will be updated regularly please click on the attached for updates http://mickcutajar.blogspot.com

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