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13-May-2016 2016 AKJA Nationals
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30-Dec-2008 UFC and bullshit forums stories
24-Mar-2008 OLYMPIC selection results

Judo CLUB Wollongong

Tournament Points
Progressive tally of competition points accumulated by club members
10 win,8 second,6 third & 2 for competing without a win or position.
Small changes have been made as of 2008:
For National representation (example:japan or OJU) and extra 10 points on top of placing obtained

Attending Training camps / seminars /judge 10 pts 2 days / 5 pts 1 day.
If you compete in a contest that is not in our normal outlay you must provide proof of your entry along with the contest promoters information.
This will be updated the next day following the event.

new monthly medals will gain 10pts :)

point from our event will be uploaded this week,I have carried the 10pts for each for the school holiday camps,plus those whom win national and state will have increased points.

last updated 14th october 2017. Leaders for 2017
the 2017 table will close OCT 31st: points restarting 1st November 2017.
Only top 10 from each group will be placed in order,the rest..well you'll have to do better.

Jess 72
Mick 48 Pan Pacs
logan 48
Pete 37                
Scott 34
luke 20
Gray 18
Mark 18
Zac 10
Brody 16
Steve 6    


Emily 56
Darius 48
Ethan 34
Henry 32
Dylan 24
Williemae 20
Zahli 18
Ella 18
Kobe 16
Marlon 16
John 16
James 15
Amelia 8
Ricci 6
Jacob f 2
Zac 2
Ned 7
Jake 9
Cale 1


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