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Judo CLUB Wollongong

6WK SHORT COURSE in Self Defence
Welcome to our special offer, The short course is designed to make learning easy and affordable we offer you several types of training from Judo to full submission fighting, & private lessons,for all the community. Easy to learn for both females, kids & males.
We now offer a 6wk short course in self-defence where you can obtain a recognised certificate for all your hard work.
Its easy, anyone can do it, complete 12 one hour lessons over 6wks.

Defence Judo is the only self defence art in the world where there is NO STRIKING formats of any kind used in contest or training, only counters that are safe and easy, meaning anyone can do it, you don`t have to be big or strong just have the will to learn!
Judo demobilises the attacker by counter movements
You will learn To break a fall, if some one tries to push you over roll safely,if you DO fall over roll safely.                                                                                                 ALSO throw & sweep a person who is attempting to hold you against your willtake down, apply strangle, & use arm & wrist locks. FEES SAVE $117 Or pay $20 per class (which still include all the below)
What does my fee cover?
12 one hour lessons.
Insurance cover
Recognised certificate.
course work booklet

Contact: wollongongjudo@hotmail.com

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