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Judo CLUB Wollongong

Club Fees- Rego forms - General Information
Your first lesson is FREE, however for safety reasons & by law you must obtain a uniform & become a registered member of either the (JFA) Judo Federation Australia or (KJA) Australian Kodokan judo Association. very good family discounts on Fees and costs these are $120 1st person,down to $110 for 2nd person and $95 for 3rd family member. listed

Please click on this link to down load payment form

Click on this link to down load KJA membership form

Judo classes from Tuesday and Thursday nights,for most of the year kids sports judo from 5yrs and up run from 5:15pm finishing at 6:30 pm.These classes consist of learning social interaction with others,team work and personal development,stranger danger awareness, motivation, building confidence, increasing fitness whilst controlling obesity levels and most importantly kids learn the Olympic sport of judo.

Olympic sports Judo: give student the chance to gain the skills the defend themselves by learning all safety rolls and falls, learning to defend themselves if unwillingly detained. Kids start with us as young as 5 so bring the family along and join a sport that the whole family can enjoy.

Adults Judo start from 6pm until 7:30pm if numbers are big we go through to 8pm.
ACTIVITIES Sports judo for adults has everything from throws locks strangles sweeps leg locks to katas and counter and combination's.I only teach traditional judo that basically has jujutsu that is Traditional Kyushindo Jujutsu.

Our club competes in just about any event that we are trained in,so if this style of martial arts is for you come in & have a FREE lesson for starters. YES judo is an Olympic sports and YES I can assist in helping you reach the OLYMPIC trials, as long as you train.                                        
The sport Judo is an art of self-defence that has developed into an exciting International sport.The formidable Professor Jigoro Kano who brought to existence the Kodokan Judo on February 1882 & with this a wealth of techniques that for decades were tried & tested.
For this great achievement we are able to compete at levels such as the Olympic Games which, seen the introduction of judo at the (1964 Olympic games) & its inclusion to the Commonwealth Games in (1990).

Without forgetting that Professor Kanos ambition was to develop Judo to
show the individual that one dose not have to be big to demobilise their attacker from any angle. In achieving Professor Kanos goal one can only began to understand the true mechanics of Judo as a sport & self defense & what it stands for.The compiling of techniques from throws to full submissions have brought about an art that once you have trained in Judo you will never forget.

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