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School Sport Plan - a NEW School sports Proposal for all Students
Sport Judo is the only self-defense art in the world where there is NO STRIKING formats of any kind used in contest or training. Judo demobilises the attacker by counter movements. You will learn to break fall, roll, throw, sweep, take-downs, strangle, & use arm/ leg & wrist locks. Katas & kyos are also used to learn Judo. Sports Judo is designed so that it can be practiced by all ages, both male & female.
Sports description & back ground . . .
Sports Judo is an art of self-defence that has developed into an exciting International sport. The formidable Professor Jigoro Kano who brought to existence the Kodokan Judo on February 1882 & with this a wealth of techniques that for decades were tried & tested.
For this great achievement we are able to compete at levels such as the Olympic Games which, seen the introduction of judo at the (1964 Olympic games) & its inclusion to the Commonwealth Games in (1990). Without forgetting that Professor Kano`s ambition was to develop Judo to show the individual that one dose not have to be big to demobilize their attacker from any angle. In achieving Professor Kano`s goal one can only began to understand the true mechanic`s of Judo as a sport & self defense & what it stands for. The compiling of techniques from throws to full submissions have brought about an art that once you have trained in Judo you will never forget.
Insurance Cover There for school. 1) Whilst students participate in active school judo they may also want choose one of the two Judo federations which offer PL & PI such as the Judo Federation Australia.
Cover for kids under 16 years $60 from June to following July (1yr), over 16years $100 per year
or with the Kodokan Judo Association is $25 for under 16 years & $35 for over 16 years.
I am also with the two federations which provides me with cover as a coach.These fees are for the insurance company only.
Target Areas Training may be completed over the school sports period of 1hour, Students are encouraged to use their minds through hands on training to develop the necessary mental & physical skills required maintain an active healthy life.Students will learn the basic in sport judo.Distinctive core training will cover areas of . . .
1. Safety rolls, falls, side falls, backward rolls, balancing / posture, hand grips.
2. Students will gain standing knowledge in foot sweeps, hip throws, counters, combination, team work games, history.
3. Students will learn the basics in holds & escapes for ground work to defuse a potential situation.
4. Students will be more confident in them selves by learning to cooperate in teams, which will motivate each person to manage "self control´┐Ż?.
5. Students will learn self-management that is required to minimize & avoid injury & it`s a guarantee all will lose weight and tone up.
Benefits Benefits of participating in this NEW school sport, are students learning self control, learning problem solving with team work and most of all gain the confidence & motivation that reduces fear and reduces ones victim potential. Sport judo is an excellent activity to increase physical fitness & self esteem making judo a great outlet for school stress. Staff will see students who lacked in motivation and self confidence change in their personal ora, not to mention the health and well being will be very visible. Staff will see that students attention span will increase as a result of active judo.

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