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30-Dec-2008   -   UFC and bullshit forums stories
HI, supporters, sponsors, and members

It has been brought to my attention that several (mma) Mixed martial arts and other webs sites such as forums have been posting information on me, my personal development in the martial arts world including their own accounts of why I didn`t make the UFC or posting information like I`m past the time. We are blessed with several great professional players such as Chris Haseman, Larry Papadopoulos terry Riches and even Elvis Sinosic, just to name a few.
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ufc rings japan players

To reply to the comment of being "past my time´┐Ż?, most people who write such comments have never been in a NR fight of any kind, not to mention being in one with me or been on the end of one of my throws or leg kick so its typical of a critic , my pro record and it is a pro record for all the idiots who do not understand PRO, I have been paid for all 13 pro fights, 9 wins by KO or submission and 4 losses which means its professional .
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UFC syd invite
Past my time well, I can say when I was knocking out players and throwing everyone to the ground players went in hiding its as simple as that, I was undefeated from 1999-2004 of course you age and lose interest,the best thing that happened to me was my loss to that disrespectful idiot Steve Thomas who got very lucky and broke my knee cap,but those who viewed the fight know he was very,very lucky so keep his head on his shoulders.Every body knows my first love is judo and its position in the Commonwealth and Olympic levels so that`s that.
Attached are the invites from 3 major no rules event 2 from ufc and 1 from Vale tudo Brazil.
I will clear the record once and for all. I was one of the first Australians to be considered for the UFC in the USA. I like most other athletes wanted to enter a contest that would let me show case my abilities to the martial arts world, and make a stand for the judo world, the UFC provided this chance.
I first wrote a letter to WOW promotions expressing my interest in the UFC in August 1994,at this time the show was still fine tuning and getting in wasn`t easy BUT I still was the first to be considered. Attached is the reply Jan 1995.
Now, I couldn`t obtain funding from current sponsors due to the extreme styles in the cage not seen or herd here before, it was considered mad and silly, so I borrowed money when the bank was closed, and this led to me being dobbed in (5months latter) by my slag of an x, Ms Clarke thus ending my chances of competing as I served 3 years in jail for armed robbery.
The second chance was to be in Sydney Darling Harbour 1997, however I was still in jail but the UFC didn`t know of this, mind you I did write letters to the commissioner of correction services and several more were exchanged as any winnings were to be donated to the prisons education and fitness facilities, because I`m that kind of guy. I was considered as an alternate fighter due to sending information late.

I was released from prison April 1998 and rushed straight into training on the hope MMA fights were held in Australia. In 1999 Rings Australia promoted by Chris and Lisa Haseman who are good friends of mine. Elvis and Al punched on in NR 2 with Al smashing Elvis out. I was invited to fight in NR3 where I knocked out the Aus LHW champion "Al` with a punch that would rock the NR world and "AL`. thanks to Lisa and chrys I had the chance to show case my abilities.

The same year Rings Japan invited me through Chris of course I accepted this was a great chance. For the record my fight against Dutch fight was not a proper NR fight, due to my lack of knowledge just before the fight I had remover my elbow and knee pads which ultimately cause serious limitations in the fight and me loosing. After we both exchanged blows I was pulled up for striking with elbows with no pads? now rules are no pads no striking, my corner guys were UFC champion Marcie Smith (usa) and UFC champion TK from Japan, both tried unsuccessfully to convince the promoter to let me put the pads back on but it was denied, so the fight was 1 person allowed to use the rules of no rules and me only being allowed to do a shitty kick boxing style type of fighting, which was very limiting and dangerous. I lost.

My third invite was the world championships to the XIV world Vale tudo, those who know of this event know its much harder and more dangerous then the UFC simply because there aren`t any rules at all simple as that, and its for this reason fighters don`t want to fight.

Now you all know the past not its fact I am having trouble getting into the USA because of my only charges of armed robbery almost 15yrs ago,and with the September 11 bombing the security has made it very hard for me to enter the states, with this I am very very pissed that Bonello and Soa who also have charges and served a prison time have been aloud into the states and to fight.
My point if you can get me in the states Ill fight.

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